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Listen with us: Layout Podcast

Layout is a weekly podcast about design, technology, and programming hosted by @vernalkick and @rafahari. Both hosts are designers and technology connoisseur, who understand what’s going on behind the scenes on updates and new product announcements.They talk about Medium’s logo, Apple Music’s UI, and even about vlogging on YouTube. While they might focus on design each episode they’re still talking about technology and how it affects them and their thoughts on updates and changes.

They’re 25 episodes in, and there aren’t any signs of stopping. The episodes typically are over an hour long sometimes coming close to two hours long, but the conversations are interesting and insightful they have you hooked. You can find the podcast on iTunes, and subscribe to the podcast using their RSS feed.

While I sometimes have a hard time finding time to listen to the full podcasts, I do enjoy the longer form episodes when everyone else is producing shorter 30 minute episodes. The show is just two guys talking about design, technology, and programming in the end. They’re highly informed, and the podcast is letting you listen in on their weekly conversations about everything they found interesting.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Layout podcast. Also, don’t forget to leave them a 5-star review on the iTunes podcasts app and tell them we sent you there way!


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