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Let’s Hunt on Product Hunt

Each week I round up the best product on Product Hunt for you to check out. There are dozens of new podcasts, hundreds of new apps, and many more products launched on Product Hunt Each week. It’s hard to keep up, but luckily for you, I spend most my day lurking on the site. There were many more hunts I wanted to include, but these were the top ones I loved.

If you don’t know what Product Hunt is, I wrote a little description to help you understand:

Product Hunt is a service where you can share and discover new products. The site was founded byRyan Hoover in November of 2013, with funding from Y Combinator. The basis of the site is users submit a fresh podcast, an innovative app, other tech products, or wild gadgets. From there other users upvote the products onto the front page. The whole process feels a lot like Reddit but with a focus towards discovering products within the technology community.

I’m active on Product Hunt as @leonhitchens, where you can follow me!

Let’s hunt together!

Nintendo Classic Mini

The NES is back, but now in a mini version with 30 preloaded games. While you can play hundreds of games in the browsers, it’s not the same experience as playing on the TV with an NES controller, but you’re able to start playing some classic games. Nintendo has been on a nostalgic kick with Pokemon Go, the old NES controller, and maybe more products in the coming weeks.


The Pokecrew is a Pokemon Go crowdsourced map. Users can search for Pokemon’s, report sightings, and tell when you can find Pokemon and what time of day. The site is crowdsourced globally, so from New York to Germany is where you can see where users have reported Pokemon. The only problem the site has is going through Google API, which has pull requests limits, and the servers have been struggling with the massive amount of users on the site. There are other sites like this, but this is by far the best executed on yet!


Publish projects, get endorsements and follow other talented internet dwellers. This is the perfect platform for creators who want to meet other makers. You can endorse others either positive or negative to show if the project is worth users time or just a waste. If you’re a creator, the site is a great place to socialize, build connections, and share the project your working on.

Instant 4.0

Instant 4.0 is a Google Analytics chat bot like service for your life. The app will track phone usage, sleep, places, travel, and fitness. They realized that showing you just simple graphs, instead the app uses a chatbot couch which helps you understand the data. It’ll help you see that when you walk a longer distance you’ll sleep 30% better at night. This helpful information is different then what Fitbit or Apple Health could offer you.


The world’s first AI VC is looking to invest in a lot of people. The AI has collected knowledge of other investments and other large companies. The AI will then take pitches from users who want millions of dollars. While it may not actually invest 6 million dollars into you, it’ll help you with ways to pivot and make smart business decisions. Overall the fun conversations will help you see if your startup will fare against others in the open market.

The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and sling

The bags are amazing Kickstarter which is a backpack, Tote, and Sling without compromises. While the bags are expensive they are high quality, have multiple uses, and look beautiful. The bags are also great tools for photographers, travelers, and others professionals. The Kickstarter has raised over 1 million dollars, blowing past their half million dollar goal. The Kickstarter has 55 days to go, and if you want the bags you can go back the campaign now!