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Android N is now Android Nougat

The final name of Android 6.0 is ‘Android Nougat’, which was one of the rumored names.

Google also introduced the Nougat Android statue in front of the Googleplex today. The average green Android is standing on top of three bars of Nougat.

Google took submissions for ‘Android N’ name suggestions, but in the fine print the company made it clear it would have the final decision. I was on team Nutella, but there was likely a lot of red tape and problems with the name. Android Kitkat was a candy bar that became a version of Android, but it looks like Google will stick to more generic deserts now.

Android Nougat is set to launch in the near future, but Google’s running an open beta program so you can give the newest version of Android a spin before it’s out for the general public.