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idime expands your iPhone’s limited storage

Consumers are always complaining their iPhone space is limited, or they need more space to store photos and videos. Part of the problem is the iPhone even coming in a 16GB version, but the other part is videos, photos, and live photos take up large amounts of space. We use our phones daily for everything under the sun, and after a few months, we can quickly fill our phones up. In comes the idime, a small accessory that plugs into a special iPhone case giving users 32, 64 or 128GB of extra space. Then to transfer all those photos, videos, and any other media you take on your iPhone is available directly on your computer through a USB dongle.

Now you might think “why don’t you just buy the large 128GB iPhone, instead of this gadget?” Well, the problem is every year you’ll upgrade your phone, but if you’re a power user taking a lot of video or photos you may want to transfer them quickly to a computer.

idime is a USB drive, with faster transfers and ability to buy more than one. It’s also a thousand times quicker than having to use iTunes or a cloud service. Its small size makes it easy to store away, and while the iPhone case is annoying, it’s a small sacrifice if you use your phone for videos or photos often. I see vloggers or any reporter using the idime to expand their iPhone’s storage but also easily access all their footage from their computer without having to plug their phone in.

The idime comes in 32, 64, 128, and 256GB options with support for the iPhone 5C to iPhone 6S Plus. When Apple introduces a new iPhone design, you can easily buy a new inexpensive idime case for your iPhone. The Kickstarter campaign has a $50,000 goal with $28,185 raised at the time of the post. If you want to snag the idime, the best option is a combo pack with idime, iPhone case, and extra battery case for only $87.

Tell us the comments below if you’re going to back the campaign and what you think about the idime!