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KnittBar is an all-in-one IoT power strip

I’ve seen internet connected power strips before but beyond turning the power off and on to the plugs they didn’t do much else. The Knittbar is an all-in-one internet connected modular power strip with a WiFi repeater, smart outlets, smart USB outlets, and even an environment sensor. The Knittbar is on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $77,290, and they’ve raised $16,673 with 23 days to go.

The Knittbar allows you individually to track the energy usage of each plug so you can see if a gadget or appliance is sucking up energy. The smart bar also works with Nest, Amazon Alexa, Smartthings, Ifttt, and more internet connected services. I was interested in the device because of the WiFi repeater module and an environmental sensor. My WiFi doesn’t always reach every corner of my apartment, and I have power strips everywhere so ones with WiFi repeater could better cover my apartment with internet goodness. Then the environmental sensor can tell ambient noise, temperature, and humidity. It’s also able to talk to the Nest to tell it to turn the A/C on to keep all the rooms the same temperature or to lower the humidity in the apartment.

The Knittbar early bird goes for $30 on Kickstarter, but I’d recommend the home package. The home package is $61 and comes with:

  • Main Hub x 1
  • Smart Outlet x 2
  • USB Quick Charger x 1
  • Environment Sensor x 1
  • End Cap x 1
  • Power Cable x 1


The ability to change how many outlets and include a WiFi repeater is valuable for many folks, and with the low cost it’s not out everyone’s budget. I would love to replace every power strip in my house with the Knittbar and the environment sensor, WiFi repeater, and USB outlet.

Go back them on Kickstarter now! Also, tell us in the comments below if your backing them, and if so which package your picking!

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