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Listen with us: Art of the Kickstart Podcast

The art of the Kickstart blog from Command Partners, “the top full-service crowdfunding marketing agency in the world.”  Roy Morejon, President of Command Partners host interviews, offers tips and talks about industry trends. The Podcast gives listeners a look behind the currents on what it takes to launch and successfully fund a crowdfunding campaign. The stories told are about what motivate entrepreneurs, the struggles they faced during and before the campaigns, and how they came up with ideas that are going to change the way we live.

The episodes are released on a weekly basis and are usually no longer than 25-minutes – making them perfect to consume during your morning or afternoon commute. The interviews are entertaining with Roy asking the Kickstarter founders hard questions about the process and struggles they’ve encountered.

If you’re looking for a practical Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign that’ll be successful and deliver on their product the Art of Kickstart is a go to place. It’s also a great podcast to listen to in order to find out about industry trends or see if Command Partners could help your new startup launch on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.

You can find the podcast on iTunes or subscribe on your favorite podcast app via their RSS feed, but sadly no Google Play link yet. Tell us in the comments below what you thought of the podcast and if you’re going to add it to your weekly lineup.

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