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Gboard keyboard from Google offers GIFs, Emojis, Search & More

Gboard is an iOS keyboard from Google search, send search results, look for GIFs, send emojis and much more. The keyboard also has gesture typing so you can faster and do it all without taking your finger off the screen. Google’s Gboard is going to change who we use our phones and apps. The keyboard has built-in search features so you can perform searches all within the keyboard ‘window’. In addition to the search, Gboard offers an emoji translation, which is a feature when you type ‘Pizza’ Google will suggest the pizza emoji.

The changes of workflow mean you’ll no longer have to go to Google Maps to find a restaurant’s address, copy it, navigate back to the message, and paste it. Instead, you’ll stay within the message app while you search for “PF Chang” or anything else within the app. The emoji feature will let you easily send emojis, and you won’t have to search the dozens of emoji windows.

A couple of pro tips from Bri Connelly:

  • We have emoji autocorrect. Try typing “pizza”.
  • You can move the cursor by dragging your finger across the space bar.
  • When you tap a result search card, the text is added to your message, but you can send an image of the card by pasting into the messaging space.
  • We’re trying out this new predictive search feature. Try texting a friend, “want to grab a drink tonight” to see it in action.

The app is iOS only and only available in the United States, but will have a worldwide release shortly. I’m excited about the workflow changes because iOS has a lot of problems with not being able to change the default apps. Now I’m able to search for things within Google without having to go to an extra app or use a service like Apple Maps. Google is changing the way you use your iPh0ne, and they may have solved how to get users to use Google search without having them as the default search engine.

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