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Periscope users can save their broadcasts forever

Periscope has been adding some great features lately with the live sketch, landscape mode, and GoPro integration. All of which, have come out in the past six months, and now the team at Periscope is working a groundbreaking feature.

When users streamed live to the platform, they could stream and save the video for playback 24 hours after. Then after the 24 hours, users videos would disappear forever, and while they could save the video to their phone and then upload it to YouTube. A lot of users felt like the process was broken and hard to find streams long after they went live.

Now you’re about to save streams forever! With this, You’ll be able to watch your favorite live streamers even days after they’ve streamed on Periscope. The feature is in public beta, and to take advantage of the feature users have to put “#save” in their title for Periscope to save the streams forever.

Now Periscope is moving away from the impermanent in the moment feeling, and towards a living streaming platform like Justin.Tv did almost a decade ago. The move feels more permanent than Snapchat’s stories, but still a move towards becoming a less in the moment platform.

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