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Frodo – adventure wrist camera

GoPro has been struggling, and one startup thinks it can fix all the problems consumers have had with their action cameras. Frodo claims to be the most intelligent adventure camera out there. What does that mean? The Frodo camera, when paired with an app, can edit your video with little input from you. The feature feels a lot like Google Photo’s smart features, but tailor specifically for action shots.

For $199 you can snag the Frodo 32GB, which will easily replace your GoPro for all the action shots you’d encounter. The Frodo records in full HD and has gyro-based stabilization, which all straps to your wrist for a great video. The camera can also mount to helmet or on your bike when you’re exploring the great outdoors.

The algorithm based video editing has five editing styles – genius, action, calm, people, 15 seconds for any video for any video style you’d want. This will help you get those videos off the camera and onto social media where people can bask in the glory of your adventure.

The Frodo is 100% funded, but if the startup reaches $75,000 in funding, they’ll build Facebook live streaming into the app. Let’s get them to that goal, and see if he Frodo camera is going to put the nail in GoPro’s coffin.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Frodo action camera, and if you backed them on Indiegogo!

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