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Lets Hunt on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a service where you can share and discover new products. The site was founded by Ryan Hoover in November of 2013, with funding from Y Combinator. The basis of the site is users submit a fresh podcast, an innovative app, other tech products, or wild gadgets. From there other users upvote the products onto the front page. The whole process feels a lot like Reddit but with a focus towards discovering products within the technology community.

The sites relatively small, only with a few thousand users, but influential journalist, investors, and startup founders use the service on a daily basis. I’ve fallen in love with the site for the small close community who’s always commenting on new podcasts or asking insightful questions about a new startup.

Each week I’m going to round up the top hunts from the site because we cannot all live on the site all day. I’ll weed through the hundreds of hunts to find the best ones that I think are either promising or are ones I think should be discovered.



I do a lot of video editing in Premier, but I’ve always hated having to render a file then ask for feedback. Wipster cuts through the hassle and does everything for you so you can instantly share your video edit with clients or friends, and all from within Adobe Premiere!

Save to Google

Google quietly introduced a save for later tool after Facebook announced over 250 million users are using their old hidden save for later feature. Facebook also introduced an improved save for later tool, which is going to help users a lot as Instant Articles won’t open a separate Chrome or Safari window like before.


HeroZebra wants to help you build an Instagram e-commerce company overnight, well maybe not overnight. They’ll assist you with Visual branding consistent across all devices, Various themes, Various payment systems directly between you and your customers. If you’ve wanted to take photos and sell junk online all day, your chance is now!

Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is a $290 premium e-reader. The Oasis is the thinnest and lightest Kindle e-reader yet, but it’s also one of the most expensive ones. The issues at first glance are battery life, screen resolution, and price. The price is higher then Amazon has priced other products, and is going a different route than the Fire tablet which is only $50.

Impossible I-1 Instant Camera

A company bought an old Polaroid factory, re-hired some workers, and started sell the old-school instant film again! You’re able to connect your iPhone or Android phone to the Polaroid camera and instantly print your photos. I’m not sure where this polaroid camera would come in useful, but as we know a lot of folks love analog gadgets still!

Drake CSS Albums

If your a Drake fan and love Gifs this hunt is perfect for you! A kind fellow animated all of Drake’s albums through CSS. The results are amazing and memorizing. Maybe the fellow hunter will animate some other artist shortly.

See you next week

I’ll see you next week! We’ll keep an eye out on Product Hunt for the latest products, and if your on the service come over and find us! We don’t bite, and love to hear recommendations from others!