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Google’s Live Cases for Nexus devices are awesome

This morning Google introduced “Live Cases” for Nexus devices including the Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X. No, the cases aren’t made from something once alive. Instead, they’re cases created from either photos or a map of locations. The cases also include a one-touch button where you can press the button to have an app open when the phones off or your in another app.

If a customer chooses a case with photos, they’ll upload the best photo, and then stylize the case. Then once they install the custom live wallpaper, they’ll see a different live photo on their screen each time. Customers could also¬†opt for a case where they’ll choose a particular spot on the map – like San Antonio, Texas, and then they’ll see a live wallpaper based on their location each time.


The cases are another reason to buy a Nexus device and one that you’ll get to express yourself even more than before. You get to show the world a photo of a friend, beloved dog, or family, and you’ll also get live wallpapers that correspond to their cases.

The cases cost $35 for either the photo or map cases, which make them fairly priced to other custom photo cases. Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to pick up a Live Case, and what you’re going to put on yours.

I’m going to grab a Live Case with a map of Austin, Texas or another Texas City.


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