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Facebook Marketplace for local reselling is rolling out for some

Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, is over now, but the company is still working on different features. An update some users are seeing show a redesigned app where the Messages tab replaced with “Marketplace,” which lets users buy and sell a range of products from friends and pages you like. The Marketplace isn’t a full blown Craiglist, but it’s a close. Facebook Messenger isn’t completely wiped from the app because we know chat bots were a big announcement during F8. Instead, in the top left-hand corner where you can chat with bots or talk to your friends.

The Marketplace shows new and used products from friends and pages you’ve liked. It also surfaces “sales groups” you’ve liked. Craiglist has been the go-to marketplace, but they’ve famously kept their old school newspaper style design, and they’ve had problems with scams and spam posts on the website.

Facebook is focusing on local with events, buying and selling goods, and even showing nearby friends. While they’re working on getting third world countries online, they’re also looking to further connecting places that already have deep Facebook penetration.

Facebook told us “we’re still in the early stages of testing and will continue to update the experience as we learn more about what works best.”

Tell us in the comment below if you’ve seen this update, and if you’d be interested in having a marketplace tab over live video or another location-based tab.