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Bing just made their search engine better for developers. And It’s great.


Microsoft’s Bing just made it possible to compile code directly in your browser. It’s currently available in C, C++, C#, Python, PHP and Java. This is an excellent feature for any developers or developers in training. Most developers know their stuff, but we often refer to the documentation for a lot of things. Not to mention how easy it will be to search code language for anyone becoming a developer. Being able to compile the code and search for examples in certain languages is great. I certainly hope Google takes note of this, and many other browsers implement this as a feature. Although Bing can finally say they have one-uped Google.bingdevsearch1

If they add support for other languages, this could be a reason to switch from Google. If you’re a hard core developer and use documentation/code examples daily, this could improve your workflow.

Have you tested out Bing’s new search engine? Let us know in the comments below!