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Torrent offers a $4.99 ad free subscription

Ad blockers are driving websites to great lengths to make sure they’re making money. BitTorrent launched a $4.95 annual subscription, which removes all ads from the service. Torrent also offers a $19.95 a year pro plan which removes ads and scans all the files on the service for malware.

UTorrent became popular for it’s desktop client for torrenting music, movies, and TV shows. The torrent client has tried distancing itself from stealing copyrighted martial on the service, and back to peer-to-peer sharing the service had wanted to first do. UTorrent introduced apps for Android, uTorrent/BitTorrent Remote for Android, uTorrent Remote for iOS, and uTorrent Remote for Windows Phone.

If you want to go ad-free, just click here and then click on “Upgrade to Ad-Free.”

Tell us in the comments below if you still use UTorrent or if you want to ad another subscription service.


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