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Apple iPhone 5SE rumors

The newest iPhone is likely going to have multiple models including a lower end iPhone with a lower price this time. We first reported on a cheaper iPhone when the rumors for the iPhone 5C started flowing, but at launch we realized how the phone was a plastic version of the phone without a lower price. The newest lower end iPhone will likely either be the iPhone 6C or iPhone 5SE, which for the sake of naming we hope they go with iPhone 6C.

Mark Gurman with 9To5Mac is putting his two cents into the rumor sphere. He confirms the iPhone with a 4 inch screen is indeed being built but the name isn’t set yet, but the code name within the company is N69. He notes how Apple is looking to make an “enhanced version of the iPhone 5s,” but the device won’t resemble anything of an iPhone 5. He claims the phone will feature curved glass around the edges like the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5SE will sport a 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front facing camera. Apple Pay support with NFC, A8 and M8 chips, Live Photos support and the phone won’t have 3D touch. While Live Photos need 3D touch to work on the iPhone 6S it isn’t hard to image how Apple will make them work with force touch.

The phone will likely see an announcement date of late March to early April. The important factor of the phone, which wasn’t leaked, is the price. A $600 or even $500 price might be too much, while something towards $399 0r $499 might be more appealing.

Tell us in the comments below if you’d buy a iPhone 5SE/iPhone 6C!