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Samsung CES Press Conference

Samsung didn’t introduce a phone or new flagship device, or anything that you’ll want to go out and grab tomorrow. Samsung did introduce new SUHD TV with smart abilities to control your smart home and seamlessly integrate your Hulu, Netflix, and Time Warner Cable subscription together. They’ve also brought their wonky thinking to the smart fridge. They also introduced a Galaxy smartwatch, and windows tablet.


First the fridge. I’ve never been interested in home appliance tech, but now they’re adding smart home abilities they become vastly more interesting. The Samsung fridge features a 21 inch touch screen on its right door, along with a lot of smart features. The touch screen enables families to share calendars, connect with each other, and use the touch screen as a place to display pictures or other interesting notes or images. The company also partnered with MasterCard to bring grocery ordering right from the fridge. They integrate with grocery delivery services to get everything you need without ever leaving your home or touching your smart phone for that matter.


Samsung’s new SUHD TVs sound just like the ones LG launched earlier in the day. The SUHD TV is 4k, has blacker blacks and beautiful display. The new TVs look amazing and once all the content is there for it they will be worth it to buy them. The Samsung TV is a little different from LG when it comes to the smart home technology. The TV can control over 200 smart home devices through a free USB dongle. The smart TV also blurs the lines of Hulu, Netflix, live TV, and even your Xbox. The smart remote can control cable boxes, the Xbox One, and allow you to watch TV without having to change inputs or worry about which service you’re using. Time Warner Cable is Samsung’s first partner with this, and hopefully more will join on.

Smart Watches

Samsung introduced the Samsung Gear Classic 2 which looks beautifully designed. The watch will work on Samsung phones, but the company also announced support for other Android watches. They also announced support for iOS which is a huge leap for Samsung to start supporting their direct competitor who they often take swipes at.

Windows 2-in-1

Lastly Samsung introduced a Windows tablet 2 in one. The tablet was introduced talked about for a second and then forgotten about. The company builds the devices to satisfy apart of the market, and waiting to announce after CES wouldn’t do the same effect with all this press .

Samsung is pushing for IoT in all their devices from Fridges to TVs and they’re starting to become more open with their products because they understand consumers won’t always buy their devices. The fridge is exciting as it is unusual, but it’s something I’d love to have in my home. Then again it might become one of those devices I have but never end up using.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Samsung’s new smart fridge and if you’d go out and buy one once they go on sale?