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YouTube Red offers ad-free videos & exclusive content

Hate ads and love a great deal? Google’s new subscription service, YouTube Red, announced Wednesday at their Los Angeles offices will be good news to your ears than. YouTube Red is a monthly subscription service like Netflix or Hulu, and will only cost $9.99. Red launches October 28, with a one month free trail.

This subscription includes ad-free viewing on YouTube and YouTube gaming, across all your devices. The service also include saving videos for watching offline, along with playing videos in the background or when the screens off. On top of all that, YouTube Red includes access to YouTube’s upcoming music app, which will directly compete with Spotify and Apple Music. If all of this isn’t enough Red includes a subscription to Google Music. This is a pretty great value considering everything you get for only $9.99 a month.

If all of those features haven’t convinced you to pull the trigger. Google is also working on exclusive content starting next year for Red. YouTube will have exclusive shows, movies, and videos from popular YouTube stars like PewDiePie. Exclusive shows and movies have made Netflix a must have in recent years, and could make YouTube Red a better value when the shows and movies start to come out early next year.

The Music app is coming, but Google didn’t give us a peek at the app. They did say how it will be easy to discover new artists and songs. YouTube Red is Google and YouTube growing up a little, and going head to head with Netflix and Hulu who could and have taken YouTube stars to create shows. YouTube understands the service revolves around the users who have become super popular, and decided to stay on their instead of switch to mainstream TV or another competing service.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to subscribe to YouTube Red on October 28!