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U.S. wants drone owners to register their devices

According to a report from NBC News,  the federal government will soon require all drones to owners to register their devices with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Much like you register a vehicle, the government would want you to pay and register your drone for safety and extra income. The move would be the government’s first big move in regulating drone flights around the country.

Drone flights have created safety hazards for planes and helicopters, along with privacy concerns on drones flying over private property. Drone operators like DJ, have place geo-fences around airports to prevent drones hitting planes taking off and landing. However, its impossible for the government to prevent drones who disable the geo-fence from flying in areas where they’re not permitted.

Drones have become increasingly popular with amateurs and professionals who use the drone for wedding photos to law enforcement. On top of the professional uses, amateurs who enjoy flying the devices around their homes, parks, and neighborhoods.  This means more drones flying in airspace that is too low to monitor, and hard to regulate across the country because of that.

It’s still unclear how the government will make sure all the drones out there already will be registered. The Wall Street Journal claims that a task force will meet the next week to decide how to handle the issue of existing unregistered drones as well as what kind of drone devices will be included under the new law.

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