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Tumblr changed the classic way to reblog

Tumblr became the popular place on the internet to talk, share gifs, and comment on reblogs. Tumblr has rolled out an update changing the way reblogs display and fixes what Tumblr calls “crazy-long, indecipherable reblog chain” problem. The blogging platform now displays reblogs chronologically, and show comments in a streamlined list. The blogging site has gain popularity because of the tree block comments that made reading the comments interesting.

Comment trees had a charm that made the site feel welcoming and a place where memes, gifs, and great content thrive within their community. The change is a little frustrating and is sure to be unwelcomed within the Tumblr community.


The new comments look more confusing, and is hard to tell when you’re replying to someone. This means less interesting comments along with more confusing comments if you don’t reply in time. It may seem more organized but in the long run its going to cause more confusion and problems on the site.

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