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Google launches a beautiful router named OnHub

Spotty wifi and ugly routers are both problems Google wants to solve with its new beautifully designed router, OnHub. Google partnered with TP-Link to build the OnHub which wants to get rid of the flashing lights, buggy interface, and spotty Wifi. Google hopes that you’ll place the router in a place that’s not hidden or obstructs the router’s signal.

Google OnHub

The OnHub doesn’t look like other router, it drops the antennas, wires, and blinking lights for a cylindrical device with only one light on top.  Google thinks there are benefits to this design: In its announcement post, it explains many people keep unsightly routers hidden away under desks and behind TVs where they don’t work as well. If the router is more pleasing to the eye, Google says, people will be more likely to keep it out in the open.

The cylinder are 13 antennas, 12 for signal and one for checking the signal congestion in the area. The router will automatically update its software and is designed specifically to work with Internet of Things devices. You can even prioritize devices, which means your marathon multiplayer session won’t get bogged down by phones, tablets and computers in your home.

If you are happy with your wifi then this router isn’t for you, but if you’re in a larger house with a lot of connected devices then Google is directly targeting you. You can pre-order the device, though it’s sold out on the Google Play store, or wait till they hit retail stores next month.

Tell us in the comments below if you’d buy the OnHub or opt for another router or keep your current one!