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Foursquare Swarm app gets Mayorships again

The old school Foursquare mayorships are coming to the Swarm app in the latest update the company has pushed out. This mean you’ll be able to be a mayor of a specific place just like the original app. It’s an old gamification of the app that many users loved and were sad to see go away.

If you check in the most at a place¬†30 days in a row you’ll become the places mayor.¬†There are also new mayor stickers to show off to your friends, and the option to share a check-in on Facebook and Twitter with a single extra tap.

The only thing is mayorships won’t carry over from the original app, which means you’ll have to start from scratch. The only rule is you’ll only get to check in once towards the mayorship. Foursquare has been tallying check ins for the past month so you will already be a mayor if you’ve checked in the most.

Tell us what you think about Foursquare bring mayorships back to the Swarm app in the comments below!

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