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Nest announced a New Nest Protect smoke detector

The Nest Protect 2.0 is the company’s second-generation smoke-and-carbon-monoxide detector. It looks similar to the first generation but the company says it was built from the inside out after the product recall had on its first Nest Protect.

The new Nest Protect has a new sensor in the fire detector that can gauge how fast a fire is building and help prevent false alarms. It’s also able to discern against smoke and steam, which means ones near the bathroom or  kitchen won’t go off with steam or temperature changes.


The protect will also now give owners a discount on their insurance. The Nest Protect is now becoming a core feature of the connected home and making safer in the process. The Nest mobile app is also getting a makeover with version 5.0. It includes new abilities like being able to silence the Protect alarm from your phone as well as better notifications.

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