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YouTube Gaming is going to compete with Twitch

Last year Google was rumored to be in the process of buying Twitch, but it was ultimately purchased by Amazon. YouTube Gaming is a live streaming platform similar to Twitch, but it seems to be better designed. It also has the backing of Google and its extensive knowledge of video storage and live streaming. It will be available in the U.S. and UK at some point this summer, with a special preview next week for E3 attendees.

Similar to Twitch each game will get a hub which will host streams, walkthroughs and other videos specific to that title. It sounds like it’ll feature videos of gamers that normally post to YouTube’s core site, but spilt into each game hub. This means your favorite YouTubers videos will already be within the gaming site, but it will also include live streams of those games.

YouTube is building a separate site and apps for the Gaming site. Twitch does have the upper hand because they’ve made it super easy to stream games from your Xbox One, PS4, and laptop directly to the Twitch site. It doesn’t need extra hardware or a lot of effort. YouTube Gaming has to build apps for the consoles and make it easy to stream from them to get gamers to switch over.


YouTube has the upper hand when it comes to other game content like walkthroughs, commentary, and exclusive trailers that Twitch doesn’t have. YouTube Gaming will feature streams but won’t ride solely on that to beat Twitch at it’s on game.


I’m exited to see how YouTube does this gaming site and if it can beat Twitch at something its been working on for years. Tell us in the comments below what you think about YouTube Gaming and if you’ll use the service over Twitch!

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