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Snapchat hires CNN reporter to grow its Discover tab

Snapchat’s Discover tab allows users to watch news straight from the app from companies like Food Network, CNN, Yahoo, National Geographic, and a handful of others. The company announced it’s hired Peter Hamby, who works as a political correspondent for CNN, as Snapchat’s head of news.

The hire of Hamby hints at Snapchat wanting to explore how it can expand its news coverage and discover tab. The discover tabs reportedly viewed 1 million times a day. The Discover tab wants to become a credible news source that teens turn to to get their daily news. The discover tab is only a few months old and Snapchat has a lot of plans to make the app a media powerhouse.


Snapchat may only be known for teens sending selfies and posting to their stories, but it’s also a media platform competing with apps like Twitter. If it does become something that teens take seriously or something that’s crowding out their selfies is yet to be seen.

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