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Jay Z defends Tidal music service on Twitter

Headlines within the tech blog community have read Tidal is a failure or how it isn’t going to succeed. Jay Z took to Twitter to defend his newly purchased streaming service. He said the service is “doing just fine” and that its subscriber base is growing. Jay Z revealed that Tidal has “over 770,000” subscribers to date, but didn’t clarify if that was the original user base or that was all new sign ups.

Jay Z isn’t worried about the number of subscribers compared to Spotify or Rdio, because it took those service years to grow. It sounds like he’s in for the long haul, but the media is already against the artist owned network. The service pitches itself as a higher quality stream and gives artist more money for each stream.


Tell us in the comments below what you think of Tidal and its 16 celebrity artist that own the streaming service. WI understand that the artist are trying to make sure other artist make money from putting their music on the service most consumers either don’t pay for their music or want the cheapest price around.