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Tumblr 4.0 Arrives on iOS with lots of updates

Tumblr is rolling out a large update dubbed Tumblr 4.0 on iOS today. The new app includes a new icon, ability to create secondary blogs on the fly, filter searches by post type, create a video post from a UR, and includes an iOS quick widget. The update makes the mobile version of Tumblr more robust and more independent from its desktop version.

There are a bunch of smaller updates to the app that make it easier and more enjoyable to use. The new tool to add videos by URL’s has been one of the most requested feature from users over the past months. The new tool allows you to copy and paste the url and the app will take care of the embed code, which will make sharing videos on the go much easier.

The smaller updates include better loading of GIFs and sticky avatars. The app will make users who solely use Tumblr on their phone feel more powerful and productive than ever before. The update started rolling out at 7am this morning so almost everyone should have the update available in the app store.

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