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Project Tango price cut in half

Google has cut the price for Project Tango from $1024 to $512. To buy the device you’ll still need an invite to purchase the tablet. It looks like we will see a wider launch of the tablet in the coming months, which could mean people without invites buying the device.

Google hasn’t released plans to bring the technology in the tablet to a mass market or what it could be used for in the consumer market. Project Tango is a moonshot project from Google to bring motion tracking, depth Perception, and tracking of its surroundings.

The best use for the 3D mapping would be on VR headsets to better track the surroundings and head movements of users. It could also be deployed to devices like HoloLens that’s wants to do augmented reality. Other then these use cases for consumers the technology in Tango doesn’t look like it has a future for consumers anytime soon.

Tell us what you think about the price cut and if you would buy the tablet if you go an invite in the comments below.