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Instagram introduced an app to make photo collages

Instagram says that 1 in 5 users upload photos that are a photo collage. That’s a massive chunk of its 300 million active users on the app. The app, Layout from Instagram, is a simple app that allows users to create photo collages with up to 9 images. The app has strong competition from countless other apps that have allowed users to do this for years.

The app first makes you select the images you want to include in the collage, which is different from many apps which make you pick the layout first. Than you’re able to flip the image, mirror it, and rearrange the collage as you see fit. The layout doesn’t include filters or borders, but it will allow users to easily create beautiful collages. Once you’ve selected and set the grid lines, you’ll have to save the image to your camera roll. There isn’t a way to skip this step yet. Instagram made designed it so you could compare the collages and pick the best one.

The app is iOS only now, but it could be on Android in the very near future. This is Instagram’s second standalone app that builds upon the apps core feature of sharing images. Hyperlapse was widely popular for a while, but it’s dropped off the radar in recent months. The layout app should receive more usage as its targeting a fifth of the users on Instagram.

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