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Google is fixing Google Contacts

Google Contacts is the worst contact manager on the web, but Google is finally fixing the app. Google used to throw everyone you’ve emailed once, Google+ contacts, friends, and co-workers numbers all together. It was a mess that included duplicate contacts, people you’ve only emailed once, and people you didn’t even know.

The upcoming update includes a laundry list of things being fixed and improved upon. First Google is updating the design to match the rest of its apps, sites, and services that all sport the material design. Google is also fixing the duplicate contact problem by understanding some people have their email and phone stored separate.

Google’s also adding more “Google profile information” by keeping contacts up to date if they change it for the public. They aren’t including Google+ integration like before, but this could be apart of the recent break up of Google services and Google+. The updated manager will group conversations that you’ve recently had with a contact below all their information, so you can remember why you’ve emailed that one random guy.

Hopefully these improvements will be pushed out to the Android app, which will let people better manage their contacts. This has been years coming, with millions of people complaining about the old contacts app. If you have a Gmail account (It’s not available for Google App users) you can jump over to the preview site.

Hopefully this update will improve and fix the issues everyone’s encountered over the past years. Tell us what you think about the improved Google Contacts app in the comments below.