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Unknown Pebble event in 5 days

Pebble updated their homepage with a countdown starting at 5 days, but is now at 4 days and 17 or so hours. The event will be on Tuesday which is right before Mobile World Congress. The Pebble CEO said in the past that they will release new hardware and software that’s designed by the team behind WebOS.

The rumors say we could see a color screen and a thinner watch. While this is meant to compete with Android Wear and the Apple Watch it breaks the whole ecosystem Pebble has already built up. The screen will also support touch which is amazing. A heart rate monitor has been on the road map for a while, but limited resources I don’t expect that we will see this.

The new OS will be built from the ground from the team behind WebOS, and won’t run on the pervious version of Pebble watches. Tell us in the comments below what you think we will see from Pebble next week.

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