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Mattel and Google will announce something Feb 13

The View-Master, which was released in 1939 might make a come back in partnership with Google. The View-Master toy used special stereoscopes reels that created a 3D photo film. The technology was nifty but somewhat limited these days.

Mattel and Google are both on the invite that was sent out, which is perplexing and interesting.  The first thought is Google Cardboard could be used to create these View-Master systems but aimed towards kids. Another idea is a Google Glass like system that allows kids to play and interact with images. Either way its interesting to see Google working with a toy company. They want to capture the internet users of the future as early as possible, to ensure they will use their products and service as they grow up.

Google wants to introduce more of their products and services to a younger and this may be their first attempt. Tell us what you think about Google and Mattel working together in the comments below.