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Sony and Spotify team up for PlayStation music service

Sony is finally taking a different approach for streaming music by teaming up with Spotify. Microsoft offers their own service, but this partnership brings Spotify to the gaming console for the first time. This is a huge win for the PlayStation in the console war against Microsoft.

This means users will have access to Spotify’s 1.5 million tracks, and will be able to create great music playlist while they game. The service didn’t get an official launch date, but the current service will┬áshut down on March 29. Its unclear how exactly the service will work, and if your a current Spotify subscriber you should still get access to the Sony version.

This a huge positive for the console who broke out and was leading the race in the console war, but it struggled as the price for the Xbox One was cut. Sony says it will work with PlayStation Premium service but didn’t outline how the payment or pricing would work.

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