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Obama Published The State of the Union Address on Medium

Medium is a blogging platform that promotes long form post that have meaning. They’ve hosted post from ranging on topics, but now they host The State of the Union address. In the past the White House released the speech to a news organization like The Washington Post, but this year they cut out the middle man and posted it directly to Medium.

The White House published it shortly before Obama addressed the nation in what was a surprise to almost everyone. They included graphics that help explain some key points, which allows you to read along as Obama speaks. This move makes this White House the most technologically advance and open then previous administrations.

You can watch the speech live, or online afterwards. On top of that Obama will be taking questions from YouTube stars that were collected from their community’s using the hashtag #YouTubeAsksObama. These small changes make politics more appealing to a younger generation who  see the current system as outdated and many times don’t participate.

Tell us what you think about the White House’s move and if you took a look at the speech during Obama’s address to the nation in the comments below.

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