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Trends at 2015 CES

CES is right around the corner and we will see a lot of different new phones, tablets, tv’s, and other technology. A few trends we believe are going to stand out this year based on the market through 2014. CES sets the tone for technology for the rest of the year. We’ve seen the rise of wearables, 4K, and ultrabooks and this year we will see a lot of new technology. Here are some of the big trends we think we will see at CES 2015:

  1. Internet of Things – We’ve seen the rise Nest thermostats, smart appliances, and other connected devices like smart light bulbs. Apple soon to lunch Homekit will be one of the big drivers for these new smart devices that will soon invade our great homes. Honeywell and Schlage will have large presences in this CES, they will have some stiff competition against Google’s Nest and Belkin who already has offerings in the market.
  2. 4K Everywhere – 4K, four times the resolution of full HD video, has become the new standard for high resolution video. Camera’s to shoot the 4k video will also be a big part of CES. GoPro released their GoPro 4 which shoots 4k video so you can capture all of your action shots in the highest resolutions. 4K tv’s will also come down in price, along with becoming the standard as 1080p tv’s are now. Games, movies, and even more YouTube videos are available in 4k. We could even see more devices like phone get 4k resolutions. The price for these tv’s, monitors, and phones will come down in price as more manufacturers enter the market.
  3. Wearables 2.0 – smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other wearables will get smarter with this years CES. They will track more information by cramming more devices to monitor your heartbeats, body temperature, along with others we’ve yet to see. We will also see the Apple watch this year so companies have that the compete with so they will need to put their best foot forward this CES to keep consumers eyes on their products and not wait for an Apple Watch.

CES is the new years celebration for technology, and every tech reporter will be ruin themselves into the ground to report all the tech news from this huge conference. We won’t be attending, however we will still have some great coverage on the site and recaps on our YouTube. Also tell us in the comments below what you think we will see at CES 2015.