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Bose may release a streaming music service

Bose has had fierce competition from not only Beats, but dozens of other headphone companies. Beats has not only surpassed Bose sales, but they also have their own streaming service that helps you listen to music with your new beats headphones. Bose has been known for their sound quality but Beats has taken advantage of the fast paced and bass of new music. Hypebot is reporting that Bose is moving “quickly” to build and launch its own “next generation streaming music platform”.

This individual will work on Bose’s “next generation streaming music platform and ecosystem of products,” and it looks like the company wants to move quickly. “Join us to invent and realize exceptional experiences that will enable millions of customers to rediscover their love of music. We will move quickly and have an immediate and lasting impact on Bose’s streaming music products.” If Bose wants to keep its quality of music in its streaming service it could build on top of selling point for its headphones.

Its not clear if Bose is going to work out its own deals or make a deal with another streaming service like Spotify, Google Music, Rdio, Pandora, Beats Music, or maybe iTune Music. This would be a similar deal Sonos made with Deezer, which has turned out to work perfectly for the company.

We could soon seen an official announcement from Bose on what direction it chooses to take. Either way the mobile streaming service is going to get even more crowded if Bose enters with its own offering. Tell us in the comments below what service you use to listen to music or if you would use Bose music streaming service.

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