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Apple releases web tool to deregister phone number from iMessage

Apple was sued backed in May by an angry iPhone user who switched to an Android phone. She was angry that she wasn’t receiving text messages on her new phone, and Apple has finally released a tool to prevent users from having this issue. The update makes the process a thousands easier and doesn’t require a call to Apple or showing up to the store.

The service is straightforward, and just about anyone can use it because its based in the browser. All you’ll need to do is punch in the phone number iMessage is associated with, and then enter the 6 digit code that is sent to the number. Then you don’t have to worry about your messages being lost to iMessage.

The tool may sound insignificant, but users who switch SIMS or phones often for work will praise this. The company is also putting out the fire after the company was sued and major news outlets picked up the news. The wildfire tarnished Apple’s brand even more after Apple Maps, and with its more recent troubles with iOS 8 updates.

If you have any problems with missing text messages after you switch from iOS to Android, Windows Phone, or god forbid Blackberry; you can use this tool to solve that problem.

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