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Motorola Announces the Moto Hint

Motorola not only introduced new smartphones and put a price and date on the Moto 360. Motorola also introduced a bluetooth headset that looks like something the secret service would wear. The Moto Hint is so discreet it doesn’t even have buttons, just touch its capacitive-touch surface to answer or end calls. As for the volume, you have to adjust that via the phone. The Hint comes with a charge case that apparently gives it up to 10 hours of talk time.

Though the Hint can be used with any smartphone, it was specifically designed to go along with the new X thanks to its ability to recognize the new Moto Voice. The Hint can read texts back to you, work with Google Now, and many other features that hook into Moto Voice. The device is so small that when you’re talking to it people may just assume your talking to yourself. We all know that bluetooth headsets now have a bad rap, so many people forgo the usefulness of the devices to avoid being ridiculed for wearing one.

The Hint even comes in six different design styles in fabric, leather and wood to compliment the X. Though we’re not sure when the availability of the Hint is yet, it’s set to be out this fall for $149.99 each.

I suspect that the many people will lose the device or forget that they are wearing it. It looks promising but something that I wouldn’t want mainly because I could just take my phone out and use it. I’m more excited to see better smartwatches that come with longer battery lives, and maybe even a little price drop once they become more mainstream. Tell us in the comments below if you’ll want to pick up a Moto Hint once they are released.