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Uber bringing ridesharing to wheelchair users

If you rely on a wheelchair, its meant you’ve been unable to use ridesharing services like Lyft or Uber. Uber is going to start changing that by launching new programs that will accommodate disable passengers. UberAssist, which is launching in Houston today, lets you hail an UberX driver who’s trained in accessibility and can accommodate folding wheelchairs. A follow-up coming in a few weeks, UberAccess, lets you order a vehicle with a wheelchair-friendly ramp. There’s no mention of expansion to other cities so far.

On top of government pressure, Uber is facing ongoing lawsuits over its lack of disability support — the company ultimately needs UberAssist and UberAccess to avoid legal trouble. They didn’t mention if or when the Finding busses or any transportation that is accessible is hard to come by in most cities.  Tell us what you think about Uber brining this service to everyone.

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