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Pebble Introduces Bright New Limited Edition Colors

Pebble wants to keep its cool against the competition from Android Wear, and they are introducing three new colors to the Pebble watches. Joining Cherry Red, Jet Black, Arctic White, Orange and Grey, Pebble is now offering limited edition Fresh Green, Hot Pink and Fly Blue. As the names imply they are for folks who don’t mind standing out in a crowd. The watches come with flexible arm bands that can be mixed and matched with other color watches. 

The colors remind me of Nokia Lumia phones or a electronic dance festival, but they are for sure going to sell with with tech minded people. They are limited edition so its unclear for how long they will be available, so we’d recommend jumping on buying one of the new colors before you cannot get them. None of these bright colors are hitting the Pebble Steele line of watches, but for only a $150 you can get the just as cable Pebble is some amazing colors.

Along with the new colors Pebble said it would introduce new watch faces along with the weather channel app. The app you can grab through the Pebble App store, and with this app we can still see the Pebble ecosystem will continue to grow. With Android Wear just hitting the market many thought the Pebble smart watches would lag behind, but Pebble isn’t going to just give up.

The Fly Blue is calling my name and I’d loved to know which of the limited edition colors you’ll be grabbing in the comments below!