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Amazon Instant Videos Add Short Clips

Amazon’s Instant video streaming service has aimed at competing against the power house streaming site Netflix. However, the company wants to offer more content that you’d normally find on YouTube which includes music videos, live concert clips, movie trailers and celebrity interviews. The site built up content for users to enjoy but its nothing compared to Google’s billions¬†of hours of video.¬†

Amazon wants to try and compete with two companies at the same time, but Amazon may struggle against YouTube. YouTube has user created content with users flocking to follow the lives of YouTubers who create video reviews on beauty products, technology, and comedies. Amazon has yet to offer a way to upload your own video but that may never be what the company wants to aim for. The service may be aiming for offering great content on the FireTV, and other set top boxes.

Amazon is investing in a lot of new areas such as drones, phones, tablets, and set top boxes. The company is reaching into everything that consumers could want to buy, and much like Google they integrate as much as there services into there hardware. Tell us what you think about Amazon expanding their instant videos into short clips.

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