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Microsoft release Office for iPad

Microsoft has an iPhone version of Office, however the small screen limited the usage of the app. Microsoft announced and released Office for the iPad, which will bring the productive apps to the best selling tablets on the market. Office for iPad will include Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and documents can be saved to OneDrive and edited by up to five people at once. Why did Microsoft take so long to move the app over to the iPad is still yet to be know.

Anyone can download the app for free, and view their documents on the app. However, to edit users will need to subscribe to Office 360. While this can be annoying to some home users, businesses and people who already subscribe won’t have to pay anything extra for the app. Either way the Office apps have sky rocketed to the top of the free apps, and many users who use Window machines are pleased with the apps.

While the app was built from the ground up it still lacks some key features such as printing. The company is working to bring updates to bring printing, and fix bugs that have arisen since the launch. Tell us in the comments below what you think of Microsoft bring Office to the iPad, and what it means for the company in the long run.