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Microsoft’s OneNote goes completely free

OneNote is Microsoft’s powerful note taking app that’s part of the Office suite of applications. OneNote made its way onto iOS and Android a while back so users could take notes while on the go, but Office for the Mac has been lacking this application. OneNote was released for OS X and is free for download right now.

The Windows 8 version will also be free for download. Premium features, like SharePoint support and Outlook integration still require you to pay for those features. Microsoft also has a set of web clipper extensions for Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari so users can quickly save clips off websites they are viewing. Along with Feedly, IFTTT, Genius Scan which allow you to save directly to OneNote.

OneNote is now one the same level of Evernote or other note taking applications. The only nice part of OneNote is that if businesses use the Office suite of apps they can also use OneNote without require more accounts for Evernote or Springboard. Microsoft understands that they are compete with Google Drive and they need their apps cross platform and robust in order to keep their customers.

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