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Instagram for Android gets sleeker and faster

Instagram for Android only launched in April of 2012, but now millions of people use the Facebook owned app.  Now Facebook is updating the app to perform better, look better, and take up less space on your Android handset. In post on the company’s blog, Instagram outlined what the update will improve saying that profiles should now load twice as fast.

The 5.1 update doesn’t bring any new features, but focuses on performance and design. The new update looks more like the iOS version, and loads 3 times faster than the previous app. The update also cuts the size of the app in half, making room on your phone for other important apps, photos, or music.   The app now supports Android 2.2 and up, so anyone using an older phone running of those version should see a boost in performance.

Instagram for Android version 5.1 is available today on Google Play for you to download or update.

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