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SXSW day two recap

Day two of SXSWi is finally over, and for better or worse we head into day three. Today was raining most of the day, but people all over the city were walking around to get from event to event. The weather left Oreo’s 3D printing vending machines  empty along with their social media presence quite. Samsung took to help everyone with a Samsung phone today by handing out fully charged batteries. They would even go deliver them to you no matter where in the city you were.

Secret, the that lets you share secrets anonymously, released a web stream of secrets from SXSW.  The stream has people complaining and is not that interesting yet at least. This is interesting considering up until now Secret has been an iOS app without a website or Android app. I was surprised that Secret didn’t release an Android app or a way to read other secrets then just the ones related to SXSW.

Julian Assange spoke via Skype which drew the largest crowd  of any SXSWi panel I’ve seen yet. Assange talked about a lot from politics, to railing on Obama and NSA reform, but Assange didn’t say anything interesting or important. While most of the mainstream media are saying how Assange made statements and how this is groundbreaking. However, Assange didn’t say anything new or surprising.

Day three is supposed to rain a majority of the day, but hopefully we can get a few hours of no rain so everyone won’t be soaked at events. There is still a lot planned and most events are indoors so nothing should be canceled, but people will be in full force complaining about the weather.