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Google Going to End Nexus Devices

Google Nexus line of devices have taken off over the past two years, and many will only buy Nexus phones. Google also has Google Play edition of phones on the Google Play store, which are mainstream phones, ie the Galaxy S4, but only run stock Android. The devices include HTC One Google Play Edition, Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition and Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition, among other devices. A rumor that’s been going around the web is that Google is going to end the Nexus phones, and keep the Google Play Edition phones.

I know this sounds like a rumor that will never come to fruit, but there are insiders that have confirmed this rumor. The Nexus phone was supposed to be Google’s way to show other manufacturers what a Android phone should run, and was one of the few ways to get a pure Android phone. The Nexus 5 has set the bar for the Nexus line of devices, which is a high powered phone that has a low off contract price. The Nexus 5 has been sold out multiple times, and has seen everyone in the tech field rever the phone as the best Android phone. Now the Google Play edition of phones are higher priced off contract phones sold through Google, which also run pure Android.

If this rumor is true thousands of Android lovers will mourn, and this could effect the market. The Nexus device was the only low cost phone off contract with the same specs of other high end devices. I believe that Google may let Motorola step in and start a new line of devices, or rebrand the Nexus brand for the company. What so ever happens I think Google is always going to keep some sort of Google designed phone to set the standards for the Android community. Tell us what you think about this rumor.