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Microsoft Rebranding SkyDrive as OneDrive

Microsoft has been competing against Google Drive with SkyDrive for a long time, but now Microsoft is going to rename the cloud storage option. Beside the name and small face lift, Microsoft is not making any changes to the core project. Microsoft has kindly prepared a new advertisment for the cloud storage.

Microsoft lost a court case that the company agreed to change SkyDrive’s name, the case was a┬átrademark infringement claim from British satellite broadcaster BSkyB. The name change could be another struggle that Microsoft will have to face this year, but this won’t be the biggest problem yet. The SkyDrive name has been apart of Microsoft for a while, and the OneDrive name isn’t related to Microsoft core brand just yet.

While the name is kind of lame, it does support Microsoft claim of one company one goal. If the new brand doesn’t come with a large marketing campaign I can foresee customers confusing One Drive as a new Microsoft product.