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HBO CEO Says Sharing HBO GO Password Is Okay

Netflix has embraced sharing accounts because frankly everyone started doing it on way or another. Now HBO CEO has taken a similar approach as Netflix. HBO Go subscribers who share their passwords are not going to get their accounts shutter, but in fact CEO Richard Piepler  said it is a great way to market.

What Mr. Piepler is thinking is nothing unconventional nor crazy. If someone who is sharing a password from a friend and they see the amazing show Game of Thrones, next season they may go out and subscribe to HBO GO because they loved the show.  However many people who share are using other peoples passwords may not want to pay for HBO GO because they don’t see value in the service, and may never stop sharing. It’s a risk for the company, but then again they have one of the most pirated TV shows out their.

HBO only allows three streams at once, and the company tries to make sure password sharing isn’t abused. Three streams is more than Netflix offers on its standard package, but then again HBO GO requires a cable subscription too. Many people are wondering when HBO is going to offer HBO GO without a cable subscription, but the company doesn’t sound too eager to do so. Even Hulu has started to require cable authentication to view certain shows on the ‘free’ and paid version.