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LG Lifeband Touch

The Lifeband Touch is another fitness tracking device on the already crowded market. It has a first of its kind wrap around OLED display, which no other device has right now. Lifeband Touch is its focus on working in phone notifications and even two-way phone controls, a feature most fitness trackers have ignored. It works with both iOS and Android (Hopefully a lot of version of Android too), and is an accelerometer based fitness tracker with altimeter, and is waterproof but not shower proof.

The LG band appears to let the app stay open instead of keeping their data closed in like Jawbone or Fitbit, and will work with RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal. One odd thing was the band does not track sleep like many of its competitors, so it sounds like you take this off before sleep. LG’s Executive Vice President of LG’s HE New Business Jim Clayton said the Lifeband’s designed to be used “the other 23 hours” you’re not engaging in fitness or sleeping. The band is a bridge between the phone and your wrist, its a mix between fitness tracker and smartwatch.