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Snapchat Adds Features and Magic Reply Function

Snapchat got a 4 billion dollar offer a few weeks ago, and turned it down. That’s not stopped the developers at the company from attempting to add even more value to the social messaging app. The Snapchat update brings filters much like the ones you’ll find on Instagram, the update allows you to reply message, special text, front-facing flash and the ability to add up to seven best friends. CEO Evan Spiegel described the update as a little gift heading into the holiday season.

On top of the traditional filters which have been popularized by Instagram, Snapchat has smart filters. These “smart” filters overlay on the photo and include; weather, your speed when you took the photo, and time. I think they missed out on the biggest filter which could have been location. Location sharing was and still is a big market.

Then Snapchat added magic to the app with replay, which allows users to replay one snap per day. It does not matter if it’s a picture or a video, you can replay once every 24 hours. Evan said that too many users were missing others videos and pictures, and wanted to give users the opportunity to jump back in time. Spiegel told The Verge that the company is currently “in between big update cycles,” so more updates are still to come. Each of the new features can be enabled by going into your settings, then to additional services, and then manage.

Will these updates go to use or are you going to stick to the traditional features that Snapchat have?