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Twitter Introduces Custom Timelines

Twitter has introduce a new timeline which allows users to curate a list of individual tweets for others to browse through. The “custom timelines” can display tweets in any order which means they don’t have to be in chronological order. These timelines are similar to services like Storify which allow users to also curate timelines. As of now events are usually followed by hashtags which means useless and irrelevant tweets can enter to the events stream.

Twitter is highlight some custom timelines from Twitter #Music and Carson Daly which I’ve embedded above. Eventually, other apps will be able to use the new Twitter API, but the API is still in beta and only available to a select few partners, so third-party app support likely won’t start using the timeline later.

This could have huge impacts for events because now they will be able to show users what major events are going on during the event. This means more meaningful Tweets during the VMA’s or other large events. News organization’s could use them to highlight citizen reporters tweets that are on the scene. These timelines have a lot of uses, along with some advertising opportunities. Will you find a way to use these custom timelines are do you think they’ll come in handy during large events? Tell us in the comments below.